The Power of One, Part Two

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Dear Amanda,

I don’t know you.  You don’t know me.  But if I met you today I would shake your hand, reach in for the hug and spend a lot of our first conversation falling all over myself thanking you.  I am thanking you because you are the one.  The one who changed the trajectory of little-girl-grown-up’s life.  The one who saw in her what I knew was there all along.  The one who decided to take a chance on an inexperienced post-grad from a small town in Ohio. The one who believed in her as much as I do.  But your belief in her counts more than a mom’s belief. My belief meant phone calls and texts and letters filled with encouragement and inspirational quotes.  Your belief means that first job, that start to a career, that big city dream coming true. 

So thank you.  Thank you for seeing it.  That passion, that spark.  Thank you for seeing it even though she’s young and not as experienced as so many others you could have chosen.  You won’t be disappointed.  At the risk of coming across as a helicopter mom I can tell you that she is truly amazing.  And you are the one who will be credited with giving her the start she needed. They say it takes a village, but sometimes, sometimes,  it just takes one.

With Gratitude,




4 thoughts on “The Power of One, Part Two

  1. Releasing our children into the world and the hands of others who will impact and direct their future is hard. Sounds like you have reason to relax and have faith that your little-girl-grown-up will be just fine. 🙂


  2. One of the hardest jobs a parent faces is releasing your child into a world who hasn’t got the ‘deep background’ you do…you’re so right…the power of one can make all the difference in someone’s life!


  3. One of the hardest jobs a parent ever faces is sending our kids off into a world that doesn’t have the joy of ‘deep background’ on that child. You are so right…the power of just one person to look with intention can make all the difference in the world!


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